Urban gardening ideas


There are many great ideas floating around about how to have a garden and yet not take up all the room in your backyard.  As a result gardening has gone vertical, and whoever invented vertical growing systems surely was a genius.   I have spent time researching gardening in urban areas have arrived at one common fundamental limitation, that of space.  In essence vertical gardens allow you to get the most “bang for your buck”, allow you to capture the same amount of sun energy vertically as horizontally, and they allow you to merge form with function.  When I worked for the landscaping company in Manhattan, we installed some green walls.  However these walls were for asthetics only, they served no further purpose.  My idea (pioneered by many before me) is to grow useful plants in these spaces so that you have a synergy of form and function.  Through my experience with green walls, I can retrofit the basic design to allow the growing of vegetables.  More excitingly there are many other ways to grow vegetables vertiacally, you just have to look and be inspired.  There are some pictures below that are considered “green walls” however they are as different as the people that have come up with the design.