Urban Landscaping


Urban Landscaping is not a formal term, its slang for a subset urban planning.  Urban planning is the broad discipline which refers to the layout of cities, neighborhoods, transportation infrastructure, parks, etc.  My experience with landscaping in an urban environment is one of fascination.  It is the ability to transform the negative spaces around the buildings, rooftops, public areas, and transportation infrastructure.  Specifically I have been involved with the transformation of many public and private rooftops, public gardens, public and private courtyards, and sections of streets,  in Manhattan.  I have separated the jobs I have done into two categories: Exterior and Interior.  Each of these had utilized plants to transform the negative spaces into green spaces.  Most of the spaces pictured were in  Manhattan, where I worked as a foreman for a large interior/exterior landscaping firm.  My goal is to apply my expertise and bring urban landscaping to Newburgh, NY.

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